White Horse Cellar Scotch Whisky 1950s

$1,400 AUD

Produced during the golden age of blending and probably bottled in the late 1950’s, or possibly very early 1960’s, with the old but efficient spring cap. 

Although not marked on the main labels we know that the strength is 43% because the German importer’s back label (slightly torn) says so. Somewhat unusually, the importer was based at Wiesbaden, possibly because of the large presence there of US military personnel since WWII and all that they did to popularise Scotch wherever they were!

An interesting and fine example of this increasingly rare issue of White Horse, the front label has some minor discolouration and the back label has been slightly mauled. However, the foil over the spring cap is complete and tight with a small nibble to the edge.

The fill is nearly half way up the neck.

 This product is located in the United Kingdom.