Whisky Resources

Whilst the main thrust of MyWhiskyJourneys is the articulation of all that is good in whisky culture and mainly through the bottle and what is in it, there is so much more to explore in order to enjoy the full benefits of your personal whisky journey.

Media coverage of whisky and distilling is at unprecedented heights. The resources available to curious imbibers who want to go beyond what is in their glass need to be organized and made more readily available. Otherwise, they drown in a tsunami of unlimited and continually expanding magazine and newspaper features, websites, blogs, podcasts, video channels, corporate material announcements, posts and tweets from every corner of the social media world. And very little of this actually delivers an enhanced whisky experience, which is the very aim of MyWhiskyJourneys.

Two important resources are the Whisky Biblioteca and Whisky Memorabilia.

The first gives you access to the authoritative literature on whisky in the form of books both ancient and modern and both general and specialized.

The second provides material links to the history of whisky and the many brands, which constitute the tightly woven tapestry that is the backcloth to today’s super successful industry.

There are, however, other resources to consider. Such has been the rise in demand for, and the particularisation of whisky that it has moved way beyond mere commodity status and is increasingly seen as a legitimate and highly profitable investment vehicle. In Whisky Investment, we explore the various options for getting involved in this exciting form of investment, but without giving any specific advice.

An abiding theme of MyWhiskyJourneys is the link between whisky and travel and in Whisky Sojourner we provide some insights into whisky tourism in terms of both whisky-related places and events. And, very importantly, we suggest a unique way of consistently sampling your whisky choices and getting the most out of them.