Whisky Investment

Such has been the rise in demand for, and the particularisation of whisky that it has moved way beyond mere commodity status and is increasingly seen as a legitimate and highly profitable investment vehicle. In Whisky Investment, we explore the various options for getting involved in this exciting form of investment, but without giving any specific advice.

MyWhiskyJourneys Offers a Deferred Purchase Service

One of the attractive features of purchasing whisky is that a potential buyer can find interesting expressions in all price ranges.  The most expensive whisky we have sold on the MWJ website is a Macallan 1967 35 Years Old Fine and Rare for $40,000.  Other Macallans have sold for $9,100 and $12,5000. 

To accommodate buyers (whether purchasing to consume or invest) we can offer existing customers a deferred purchase service whereby we enter into an agreement to sell an expression or expressions at the website listed price with the buyer making regular instalment payments to an agreed schedule until the full price is paid, at which time delivery will be arranged.  The service applies to bottles located in both Australia and the United Kingdom.  The minimum purchase price for one or more whiskies under this arrangement is $2,000 (£1000) and payment must be completed within a period of 6 months..

Should the buyer decide not to proceed with the purchase at any time after making the initial instalment payment, the transaction may be cancelled and instalments refunded less a handling fee equal to 10% of the listed price of the expression.

Please contact us at info@mywhiskyjourneys.com to discuss this service.