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MyWhiskyJourneys is the initiative of whisky author and historian, Philip Morrice (link to Philip's whisky CV) who has, sometimes in the company of friends, built up a very extensive collection of rare whiskies, and whisky-related memorabilia and literature, over a period of forty years.  Further details of his involvement in whisky, particularly through his books, are revealed in the interview which he gave to the well-known whisky website www.malt-review.com on 26 June 2021 at (link).

Philip Morrice MyWhiskyJourneys Director, and Whisky Author and Historian

Philip and his friends now want to share those treasures and experiences with like-minded whisky disciples through MyWhiskyJourneys.  

We believe this will be a unique contribution to the world of whisky wisdom because not only will we talk about some wonderful whiskies and distilleries, we shall actually offer for sale from our collections those very whiskies. We shall not try and compete with the handful of excellent websites which impart so much valuable information about the world of whisky – and, in particular, Scotch whisky – right across the board. Rather, we shall concentrate on those distilleries and brands, which are represented in our collections because of their quality or historical significance, or both. Nor shall we try and emulate those first-class whisky internet businesses which offer a huge range of products from the outrageously scarce to the sublimely mundane.  

Friends in Australia and the UK as well as in Ireland and Thailand, are all part of MyWhiskyJourneys. Items from their collections make up the living stock which we draw on in order to make the website relevant and exciting. We have created a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of rare whiskies where we offer a selection of fine and scarce whiskies from our personal collections.  We shall try and keep the selection at approximately 100 items in each category at any one time and once an item leaves the Cave for a new home, it will be replaced by one of similar interest and scarcity.

The whiskies include Single Malt Gems from the best-regarded Scottish distilleries currently in production, but there are equally exciting whiskies from the fallen legions of Ghost Distilleries. However, there are also defunct blended whiskies, some of which are early versions of existing brands (Great Whisky Icons) as well as others, which have long left the market (Lost Causes). There are also some “specials” within these various categories, such is the diversity of Scotch whisky.

Most of the whiskies are held in the UK but some are in Australia. Shipping will be charged at the Checkout and the cost will depend on country of origin and country of destination.

As these whiskies come from private collections, duty and UK VAT at 20% have been paid and are reflected in the price. Similarly, whiskies held in Australia have had the relevant taxes paid there.

These whiskies represent serious value whether for the dedicated consumer, the informed collector or the determined investor. And the same applies to the whisky antiques and memorabilia, which accompany some of the brands and distilleries.

Nostalgia clearly plays a role here and whilst looking back can be a fine emotion, it can also close one’s vision to newer opportunities. And so MyWhiskyJourneys avoids that by looking at emerging whisky spectra, the most appealing of which has been that of Tasmania. Whilst no threat to Scotch, (“We spill more whisky in a day in Scotland than they make in a year in Tasmania”), the whisky from that pristine island State has rapidly established itself as a product of quality and rarity. Consequently, it has become the second area of focus for MyWhiskyJourneys, to the extent that we even have a resident director there, Philip Mussared, who is carefully nurturing our relationships with more than 60 distilleries currently in production in Tasmania, with more to follow. Our Tasmanian stock is held mainly in Australia, but we also have a small selection of Tasmanian whiskies at our UK facility.

Philip Mussared

MyWhiskyJourneys Director

And as if that is not enough, we bring you as part of our Whisky Resources, opportunities to purchase genuine, original whisky-related antiquities and memorabilia, to participate in whisky-related activities and travel, and to invest in whisky.

Finally, there is the Whisky Biblioteca, where we review books of significance both past and current and, where we can, supply them as part of the MyWhiskyJourneys offer.

The first MyWhiskyJourneys Newsletter was issued in December 2018. 

Newsletter 1 - Launch of the MWJ Website and Tasmanian Whisky Week 2018

Newsletter 2 - April 2019

Newsletter 3 - October 2019

Newsletter 4 - December 2021

Newsletter 5 - July 2022

Newsletter 6 - May 2023

If you would like to receive future issues of the MWJ Newsletter, please email us at info@mywhiskyjourneys.com and ask to be added to the subscription list.

Come with us and be part of MyWhiskyJourneys.


Updated: 13 May 2023