TIB A Renowned NSW Distillery Cask ?? 004 Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$325 AUD

49% 500 ml

This is a single cask sherry cask whisky from “a Renowned NSW distillery”  but matured in Hobart and bottled by Tasmanian Independent Bottlers (TIB) in December 2017.

A review by WhiskNick in December 2018 points to the distillery as Archie Rose Distillery.  The reviewer notes:

This is perhaps the first cask from the distillery to be bottled as a whisky, I understand that the distillery has since made some drastic changes to how they produce new make so this is to be seen as an experimental cask not quite indicative of the distillery’s outlook.

In a way, this being a TIB bottling is somewhat fitting as it perhaps took some pressure off the prototype cask from being a Heartwood. At 49% this packs a finish without being too feisty whilst focusing on the easy going nature of the spirit.

With that said though this is fresh and easy and rather decent for a barely legal youngling.. a very promising start indeed..

WhiskNick provided the following tasting notes:


A fair toasted barley note forms the theme with some light inferences of raisins, moist banana bread, walnuts, and ginger flower; slightly on the diluted side.

Palate & Finish:

A polite showing of raisins and lemon marmalade; lime jelly, milk chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of lightly wood charred toast. Some gingery spices move in on the mid-palate as the dram transitions into a gentle malty finish with some lingering lime and cinnamon.

 This product is located in Australia.