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Louis Reps
REPSpect AB, Stockholm
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G is for Glenlochy Distillery, which closed in 1983 but whose whisky is still around; P is for Pattison, the most famous business crash in Scotch whisky history; and S is for spirit safes. The fact that the author owns the spirit safe from the long-defunct Glenlochy Distillery gives a clue as to how this fertile mind works. He clearly likes connectivity Glenlochy and spirit safes but then it is a bit of a stretch to include Pattison, which he does with cool Scandinavian detachment. And they all sit comfortably together in this delightful piece of Scotch whisky folklore.

The book is based on about 3000 pages from various archives and many personal interviews. It comes out as a hardback photo book of 96 pages and is digitally printed on gloss paper. It has more than 150 images and every page is crammed with facts and/or historical photographs and drawings to delight the bookworm, historian and whisky antiquarian alike. As I am all three, I regard the GPS as a real find, no pun intended!

You can only really buy it from the author himself. Just e-mail him at

It is not a criticism, more a compliment, but just bear in mind that it is written in English by someone who is not a native speaker, which is quite an achievement on its own.

There is an earlier version a 45 page photo-book which deals only with Glenlochy. I would love to get hold of a copy.