The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom (David & Charles Reprints 1969)

$550 AUD
Alfred Barnard
Proprietors of “Harper’s Weekly Gazette”
David & Charles Reprints 1969

This was at the time of its publication – and indeed still is today – a very important contribution to the literature on whisky and distilleries. In the space of three years, Barnard visited 129 distilleries in Scotland, 28 in Ireland and four in England. In most cases, his descriptions were lengthy, extremely detailed and highly accurate and most of the individual distillery chapters are accompanied with fine pen and ink drawings. It still remains the classic work in its field. 

It is not known how many copies of the first edition were produced or have survived. I have in the course of my travels come across well thumbed copies in the libraries or offices of various whisky companies and distilleries, such is the respect in which it is held. A copy in good condition will today cost around £3,000.

The first ever reprint appeared in 1969 under the imprint of David and Charles with an insightful introduction by Miss I. A. Glenn in connection with her doctorate studies into whisky distilling. This, in itself, has become something of a classic in its own right.