Spring Bay Distillery Cradle Glass

Spring Bay Distillery Cradle Glass

$49 AUD

This unique tasting glass, originally designed with Tasmanian whiskies very much in mind but, of course, ideal for sipping any fine whisky, is now available with the Spring Bay Distillery logo. It is available for purchase only here at the MWJ website. 

This product is located in Australia.


Spring Bay Distillery

“Pristine rainwaters. Pristine whisky” is the motto at Spring Bay, and no wonder since all of its production water is gathered from rainwater on the roof of the distillery building, which is scarcely 500 meters from the sea. Of an afternoon, the sea mists usually roll up the valley to gather on the distillery roof and leave traces of sea salt, which combine with the rainwater in a way, which renders Spring Bay’s water source uniquely soft and sweet.

Spring Bay is currently a single still operation on fairly conventional lines. Its maturation profile is a mix of premium bourbon casks of American oak and French oak port casks, the latter for limited release as cask strength expressions at approximately 58% ABV. This combination is reflected in the make up of the first 15 casks released. The first five were Jim Beam bourbon casks, the next five were Maker’s Mark bourbon and casks 11 to 15 were Grant Burge port casks.