Paterson's Best Old Reserve Scotch Whisky

$725 AUD

43% ABV 75 cl

A very old bottle of blended whisky from the 1960s, or possibly earlier, produced and released for the Italian market.

The blend was produced by W.R. Paterson Ltd of Glasgow and imported by A Orlandi of Milan. The label carries the company’s trademark of a pelican feeding its young.


This product is located in Australia.

WR Paterson Limited

The company was established in 1933 at 25 Stockwell Place, Glasgow. Apart from the standard blend of Paterson’s Best, they also produced book style bottles bearing the title Paterson’s Deluxe Scotch Whisky, the attractive get up being made for them by Sandland Ware, of Hanley in Staffordshire. They also had Paterson's De Luxe Blended Irish Whiskey.

­The company was associated with Forth Blending Company Limited and, as such, got into quite a lot of trouble by being pursued in 1952/53 by the then mighty DCL for passing off dimple shaped bottles which the latter considered to be the preserve of John Haig & Company Ltd., a major DCL subsidiary. Not surprisingly, the Court of Session in Edinburgh found in favour of Haig on the grounds that W R Paterson were “Passing-off-Use of peculiarly shaped ‘ Dimple’ bottles which had come to be associated with Petitioners' whisky--Petitioners' whisky usually asked for as ‘Dimple’.’’

How long the company survived after that setback it’s not clear and any further information would be gladly received although we know that they were bottling at least until 1964, the year of bottling of their Irish brand.