Old Kempton TIB Release Cask RD 0014 ex-Muscat Cask Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$325 AUD
500 ml


This is a single cask whisky filled in an ex-Muscat cask (RD 0014). On the label it is described as being matured and distilled in Tasmania by TIB.  Although shown as Redlands Release 5, the distillery is shown as Old Kempton Distillery reflecting the transition in name from Redlands Estate to Old Kempton Distillery.

Bottled in August 2018 at 48% ABV.

This product is located in Australia.



Redlands Estate whisky was originally produced at the actual Redlands Estate at Plenty in the Derwent Valley in southeast Tasmania. Following a change in ownership in 2015 the whisky production relocated to Dysart House at Kempton with a slight change in name. A further change took place in March 2018 to “Old Kempton” to reflect the distillery’s identity with the local community and to remove confusion with the Redlands Estate in the Derwent Valley.

 The current owners of Old Kempton Distillery are ramping up whisky production at Dysart House, where they have also created an attractive visitors centre and tasting room. The convict-built stables at the rear now form the still house.

 Bottles of Redlands are still extremely rare but that will change as the spirit matures to a point where the team feel that it is time for new releases to appear, but under the Old Kempton label.