Old Inverness Aged Scotch Whisky 1960’s

$350 AUD

70 proof  26 2/3 fl.oz.

An old blend we believe from the 1960’s. The blender is shown as Macfarlane, Bruce & Co Ltd of Inverness, a subsidiary no doubt of HD Wines (Inverness) Limited.

Please note some wear and a small tear to the label, consistent with age.


This product is located in the United Kingdom. 



Wine and spirits merchants at Longman Road in Inverness and the proprietors of the Old Inverness brand. The company was set up in 1961 and by the mid-1980’s had 29 retail and 3 wholesale branches. 

The company changed its name to H.D. (Inverness) Limited in 1988 and it is not clear what its involvement with Scotch whisky was thereafter.