Nonesuch The Hat-Trick ex Red Wine Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Historic

Nonesuch The Hat-Trick ex Red Wine Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$280 AUD

44.7%  500ml

A Hat Trick is a scarce thing.  It happens rarely and is something to remember. 

When Chris and Rex were assessing the Single Malts in ex-red wine casks for their next release in mid-2021, they were “bowled over” to find that the whisky chosen for bottling came from three consecutive casks, giving them a Nonesuch Hat-Trick. 

From those casks comes this exceptional whisky.  Just like a sporting Hat Trick, it is rare (only 123 bottles) and memorable. The Hat-Trick was drawn from marrying together casks 27, 29 and 35.

Released in January 2021, each bottle is individually numbered. 


This product is located in Australia. 


Nonesuch Distillery

About 35 minutes east of Hobart is the small town of Sorell overlooking Tiger Head Bay. One of the farms near Sorell is home to Nonesuch Distillery. Rex Burdon and his small shed are just up the hill from the main road and producing several different styles of spirits. There have been a few small batches of whisky produced at Nonesuch but Rex has made his reputation through making sloe gin and sloe malt. His enthusiasm for this hands-on process is contagious and the goats and chickens that roam around the distillery add to its rural charm. The term “Nonesuch” comes from a family farm that Rex’s ancestors used to own. They were extremely proud of their land and the work they were doing on it that to them, it was better than any other farm, hence “Nonesuch”.  A boisterous statement but also a motivator for Rex and his team to continue experimenting and finding their perfect house style of whisky.