Nonesuch ND32 Touchstone Unflocked Single Cask ex-Bourbon Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky – Historic

$280 AUD

43.5%  500ml

Bottled in October 2021 at a little over two years old for immediate release, only 45 bottles were produced at 43.5% ABV from a 20 litre ex Bourbon barrel and left unflocked. 

As advised by the distillery – “usually our whisky is prepared for bottling by allowing the naturally occurring oils and proteins to settle in a process called flocking. But for this release we have moved away from that so you can experience the texture and lingering finish that these naturally occurring components bring to whisky. Leaving the whisky unflocked means it is cloudier than usual and over time the oils may settle to the bottom of the bottle.  Don't worry, if you give the bottle a shake the flock will be reabsorbed into the whisky.”

Each bottle is individually numbered. 

This product is located in Australia. 


Nonesuch Distillery

About 35 minutes east of Hobart is the small town of Sorell overlooking Tiger Head Bay. One of the farms near Sorell is home to Nonesuch Distillery. Rex Burdon and his small shed are just up the hill from the main road and producing several different styles of spirits. There have been a few small batches of whisky produced at Nonesuch but Rex has made his reputation through making sloe gin and sloe malt. His enthusiasm for this hands-on process is contagious and the goats and chickens that roam around the distillery add to its rural charm. The term “Nonesuch” comes from a family farm that Rex’s ancestors used to own. They were extremely proud of their land and the work they were doing on it that to them, it was better than any other farm, hence “Nonesuch”.  A boisterous statement but also a motivator for Rex and his team to continue experimenting and finding their perfect house style of whisky.