Neal’s Royal Extra Special Scotch Whisky

Neal’s Royal Extra Special Scotch Whisky

$450 AUD

43% ABV 75 cl

Since volume is not stated on the label, we assume this is a 75cl bottle of the blend at 43% for the Italian market from the 1970’s - note tax stickers on the bottle closure. The alcoholic content is quoted in European G.L. and UK and US proof, which is unusual and suggests that the product was destined for both the home and multiple export markets, but that production was not that great, hence the use of a multi-purpose label. Note fraying to the label.

Curiously, Neal & Company (Blenders) Limited established itself at the height of the Second World War in 1941 in London when the city would have been under constant Luftwaffe bombardment. Even more curious was where did the whisky come from as distilling in Scotland had all but ceased in favour of food production and so I guess they were handling mature stock, possibly for export to the United States. Anyway, in the 1980’s they described themselves as “blenders, exporters and brokers” operating at Central House, 36 Oxford Street, London W1, although their original address was Chandos House, London SW1.

Little is known about the company other than it was one of a number of London whisky merchants engaged in blending and exporting under their own label, although there was also a subsidiary with the splendid name of Mozel & Brocha (Blenders) Ltd, which also had its own brand.

Neal’s Royal Extra Special was the house brand although an earlier one had been Royal Sceptre. The former is known to have been exported to the USA in the 1940’s and there was a Neal's Royal Extra Liqueur Over 15 Years Old. The brand also found favour in France where the importer was F. Latour at Cognac of all places!

The company went into liquidation in 2002 but their brands had almost certainly disappeared before then.

This product is located in the United Kingdom.