Nant Blood Tub Family Cask Reserve French Oak Port Wood Tasmanian Single Malt - Historic

$695 AUD


This is one of the more interesting and unusual early Nant expressions and little is known about it. However, it must’ve gone down well with the drinking public when it appeared in 2013 because it is now impossible to find – except here at MWJ of course!

Blood-tubs are small casks of between 30 and 40 litres in size and are rarely used commercially. Mostly they are used as private casks, allowing for a small, more manageable number of bottles for an individual. However, the spirit’s intense interaction with the wood limits how long the maturation can endure.

The cask is described on the label as “port wood maturation” which suggests that there was some blending between a number of different blood tubs, but who knows.

This product is located in Australia.


Nant Distillery

It has been something of a rollercoaster at Nant. It launched with much fanfare at an idyllic site near Bothwell in the Tasmanian Highlands, won much acclaim for the quality of some of its early expressions, only to sink into the depths of despair as a result of a whisky barrel investment scheme gone wrong, but then to start climbing back as a result of a significant change in ownership and structure. This led to renovation of the existing premises and then substantial expansion with the construction of a second still house.

 With no new bottlings flowing from Nant, we only offer those which found much favour under the old regime and now form part of the Nant archive. With quality never in question, these expressions are getting increasing attention from collectors and investors as their number is finite in the extreme.