Mosstowie 1975 Connoisseur's Choice 19 Years Old

Mosstowie 1975 Connoisseur's Choice 19 Years Old

$950 AUD

40% 70cl

 Bottled in 1994 at 19 years of age. Very few of these around and so very hard to get an assessment.  However, as there were no official bottlings and very few private ones, Mosstowie values can go only one way. Fill is to the top of the shoulder.

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Mosstowie/Miltonduff Distillery


Another short-lived ghost distillery sitting within a much larger host, in this case the much celebrated Miltonduff. Following the latter’s acquisition by Hiram Walker in 1936 the distillery underwent considerable expansion in the succeeding years. This included the installation of two Lomond type stills in 1964, the spirit from which was known as Mosstowie. However, by 1981 they had been replaced by conventional stills and Mosstowie ended it short life as a separate make. Most of the product went into the Ballantine’s blend and the occasional independent bottling has appeared from time to time.