McHenry Distillery Cradle Glass

McHenry Distillery Cradle Glass

$49 AUD

This unique tasting glass, originally designed with Tasmanian whiskies very much in mind but, of course, ideal for sipping any fine whisky, is now available with the McHenry Distillery logo.

It is available for purchase only here at the MWJ website.

This product is located in Australia.


McHenry Distillery

Is this the Dalwhinnie of Tasmanian distilleries? It certainly feels like it when you are up there on Mount Arthur looking across the endless breathtaking views of rolling hills and ocean coasts.

In 2010 William McHenry began to realise his dream of creating a Scottish-type malt whisky distillery by building various sheds on his newly acquired property, which now boasts bond store, tasting room and still house. An essential feature of the McHenry Distillery is the natural spring, which provides about 5 million litres of fresh water annually. In total there are 5 natural springs running throughout the site that are gravity fed down to the distillery shed. These natural spring waters are pristine and never-ending, running through sandstone and dolerite - just ideal for whisky production.

The first McHenry offerings have been very well received – the only criticism is the small quantities available at the moment ... but I suppose perfection takes time!