Marshall’s Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky 1970’s

Marshall’s Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky 1970’s

$275 AUD

43% 75 cl

This is a 1970s bottling of Marshall's Extra Special, produced by Craig, Marshall & Co. of Glasgow. To be clear, this has nothing to do with Marshall's Kentucky Bourbon nor the 12 year old blends currently produced by Marshall’s Whiskies; it just turns out that several people called Marshall have made whisky over the hundreds of year that it has been around!

The example we offer here is probably from the 1970’s.  The fill is to the bottom of the neck.

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Craig, Marshall & Co

One of the many subsidiary companies acquired – or set up – by Hiram Walker (Scotland) Ltd which was the holding company for the various Scottish operations of the Canadian distiller, Hiram Walker – Gooderham & Worts, as part of its sojourn into Scotland which started in the 1930s and which culminated in its acquisition by Allied Distillers in the late 1980s and ultimately becoming part of Pernod Ricard. In the process, many of these secondary brands, such as Marshall’s, quietly disappeared.