Macleay Duff Special Matured Cream blended Scotch whisky 1960’s

$295 AUD

This is an example of an Australian import from the 1960s. The volume is given as “1 pint 6 fluid ounces” and as was customary in those days there is no indication of alcoholic strength. Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd. is shown as the distributor for Australia.

The back label carries the reassuring message of “distilled and bottled in Scotland under British Government supervision”.

The fill is into the shoulder and the original box is in good condition for its age.


This product is located in Australia.

Macleay Duff

Macleay Duff (Distillers) Ltd was best-known as licence-holder of Millburn distillery in Inverness, and as exporter of blended Scotches for DCL. Its brands included Macleay’s Liqueur blended Scotch whisky, Macleay Duff Special Matured Cream blend, Macleay Duff Fine Old blend, Antique blended Scotch, Auld Scottie blend and the blended/vatted malt The Mill Burn bottled at 12 years old.  There was also Glen Lyon Pure Malt, which was a vatted malt produced by a subsidiary – Glen Lyon Blending Co.

The firm was established in Glasgow in 1863, but the operation – at 75 Hope Street – was acquired by the Distillers Company Ltd in 1933 for £325,000, having failed to weather the storms of US Prohibition.

Macleay Duff was licensee of Millburn distillery, from the time of the latter’s transfer to DCL’s Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd arm in 1943 until its closure in March 1985. Macleay Duff appears to have been wound up shortly thereafter.

The Macleay Duff brands were bottled locally under Australian Commonwealth Supervision and distributed by Burns Philp & Co. Ltd. They were also popular in New Zealand where Macleay Duff was the leading Scotch whisky brand and even supported its own pipe band.