White Horse - Logan’s De Luxe 70 Proof 1960’s Scotch Whisky

White Horse - Logan’s De Luxe 70 Proof 1960’s Scotch Whisky

$495 AUD

This goes back to the 1960’s when the brand was known as “Logan’s” before it became simply “Logan”!

No size stated but it looks like 75 cl.

A good fill level and some wear to labels and the accompanying box commensurate with age – after all this bottle is now some 60 years old.


This product is located in the United Kingdom.



More traditionally, the higher priced variations of White Horse have been the preserve of a subsidiary brand, currently known as Logan Heritage. It has been around under that name since 2014 when Diageo removed the “12 years old” tag which had applied to its predecessors known variously as Laird O’ Logan, Logan’s Deluxe or just Logan. With a strong following in Portugal, this deluxe version of White Horse is almost as old as the original blend registered in 1891 and appeared a decade later as a tribute to Peter Mackie’s late uncle, James Logan Mackie. Previously known as Logan’s Perfection and Logan’s Superb, it appeared in the 1960’s as Logan’s Extra Age Superb.

There is more about White Horse and its associated brands and associated distilleries under the White Horse Story.