Lark Spirit of Tasmania Small Cask Aged Limited Release Single Malt Whisky No 1 of 33 - Historic

Lark Spirit of Tasmania Small Cask Aged Limited Release Single Malt Whisky No 1 of 33 - Historic

$2,500 AUD

43% ABV
500 ml

Quoting from a Brand Tasmania media release of 2 September 2015, two 20 L barrels of Lark whisky that have travelled 172,887km – equivalent to four times around the world – during 403 crossings of Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries were tasted on 26 August 2015 and delighted the godfather of Tasmanian whisky, Bill Lark. "This whisky has developed a richness in flavour," he told the media "because it’s been moving, not keeping still, it’s picked up on the delicious port characters inside the wood … and it’s got a delightful little back note of that salty maritime atmosphere."

A limited edition of 70 specially labeled bottles of the whisky were then sold on board the ferries. However, not all of them as - being present at this memorable occasion at the Lark Distillery - I was able to secure bottle No 1, which is shown here. However, the label states that it is No 1 of 33, and so presumably the second cask yielded 37 bottles, or is it just one of Lark’s little mysteries! The bottle is signed “William Lark” and bears Bill’s likeness.

Spirit of Tasmania has been very supportive of the Tasmanian whisky industry, not least by holding a whisky-tasting week on board the vessels where passengers were able to meet the distillers, talk to them about how their whisky is made and sample their products.

Not really for sale, hence the price, which, in fact, we think is a fair value given the scarcity of the Lark product and particularly of the very few special releases which the distillery, commendably, has produced over the years.

This product is located in Australia.


Lark Distillery


Mention Tasmanian whisky and the name Lark immediately comes to mind. After all, the Lark family, led by Bill Lark, have been at it since 1992.

Under new ownership Lark Distillery’s product is taking on a rather different character which is leading to higher volume, wider distribution and lower prices.

We wish the new-look Lark well, but as true friends of the original Lark and its followers, we herewith provide a unique selection of dearly departed Lark expressions whose scarcity is on an ever-upwards trajectory. We also offer carefully selected independent bottlings of early Lark, most notably under the Heartwood label.