Lark Archive Single Cask LD 54 2005 Single Malt Whisky - Historic

Lark Archive Single Cask LD 54 2005 Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$825 AUD

40% 500 ml

This takes us back to the early days of Lark whisky when the entire family had a role in building the impeccable Lark reputation for innovation combined with traditional distilling skills.

This particular expression, which does not reveal its year of filling, but was bottled in November 2005, somewhat unusually bears two signatures as it was the result of the combined efforts of Lyn Lark and her daughter, Kristy, who is now an independent distiller in her own right at Killara Distillery.

How many bottles did this barrel turn out once the spirit was reduced to the standard 40% abv? Who knows? One thing is certain – very few have survived.


This product is located in Australia.


Lark Distillery


Mention Tasmanian whisky and the name Lark immediately comes to mind. After all, the Lark family, led by Bill Lark, have been at it since 1992.

Under new ownership Lark Distillery’s product is taking on a rather different character which is leading to higher volume, wider distribution and lower prices.

We wish the new-look Lark well, but as true friends of the original Lark and its followers, we herewith provide a unique selection of dearly departed Lark expressions whose scarcity is on an ever-upwards trajectory. We also offer carefully selected independent bottlings of early Lark, most notably under the Heartwood label.