Kudelka and First Dog's Spiritual Journey

Kudelka and First Dog's Spiritual Journey

$200 AUD

Jon Kudelka and Andrew Marlton



This was the first book ever to appear devoted entirely to the subject of Tasmanian whisky. Although published in 2014, since when much has moved on in the Tasmanian whisky scene, it is still a refreshingly hilarious read. But then what else could one expect when Jon Kudelka is involved! However, when you get past the cartoons and the “goon show” type commentary there are some very good descriptions of the actual distilleries and the people behind them. I particularly like the one of Belgrove and its delightful owner, Peter Bignell. I wonder if we could persuade Kudelka and First Dog to do a similar Whisky Safari in Scotland? It would be much longer and not sure how well the end result would go down with the gritty Scots!


This product is located in Australia.