James McGregor Bar Mirror

$275 AUD


This vintage bar mirror is of indeterminate age, not least because knowledge of the James McGregor brand has eluded us to date. James McGregor does, of course, feature in whisky history as the founder and owner of Balmenach Distillery. He obtained a license to distill in 1824 although there is evidence that he was making whisky informally some years before. The distillery remained in the McGregor family until 1922 and as they were whisky blenders and merchants as well as distillers, it is entirely likely that they lent the name of their founder to a brand, as celebrated by this splendid piece of memorabilia.

Balmenach eventually found its way into the DCL empire and it is likely that the James McGregor brand was resuscitated by them, possibly for the US market, but more information is sought.

Dimensions: 39 x 51 cm.

Condition: Clean, no damage. It does have a solid wooden frame which has some small knots in the wood which suggests age.


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