Hobart Winter Feast 2019 Limited Edition Exclusive Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$395 AUD

58.6% ABV

500 ml

This single malt had a 3-year maturation period in small 40L American Oak ex-bourbon casks, before being transferred to finish in a cask that previously held Guatemala rum, and more recently cask-matured maple syrup.

Bottled for serving and selling at the Dark Mofo 2019 Winter Feast with a limit of 150 bottles at 58.6% ABV.

This product is located in Australia.


Devil's Distillery

A colourful name for what is in many ways a conventional malt whisky distillery producing the “Hobart” single malt whisky along traditional lines with all the advantages which that entails. Whilst the distillery is suitably conservative in its approach to the making of its signature Hobart whisky, it is much more adventurous with its other spirits, but that’s another story, as is what lies behind its sister enterprise, the Tasmanian Moonshine Company with its barrel-aged new make (Tasmanian Malt). Both companies were the brain-child of local businessman, Rocky Caccavo.

Devil’s Distillery not only pulls together all of the recognisable components which make up a Tasmanian single malt but adds some interesting twists in terms of managing the distillation run so as to get the “middle cut” just right, and then the equally important maturation regime. Devil’s Distillery uses medium charred American oak barrels with a range of sizes from 20 to 100 litre capacity casks. The finishing casks are mostly European oak, which previously held fortified wines.