Glenlochy 1980 26 Years Old Cask No 2452 Bottle No 226/294

Glenlochy 1980 26 Years Old Cask No 2452 Bottle No 226/294

$1,275 AUD

53.2% 70 cl

This is bottle No 226 out of 295 in DTC’s excellent and appropriately named Rarest of the Rare series. It was distilled in August 1980 and bottled in November 2006 at 26 years old from cask no 2452.

It has a fill comfortably into the neck and comes complete with box, which is in good shape.

This product is located in Australia.


Glenlochy Distillery

Built in 1898 at Fort William, this speculative venture spent much of its 80 odd years of existence closed. It eventually became part of the DCL inventory when the latter took over Associated Scottish Distillers in 1953 and went on to modernize it in the years that followed, However, Glenlochy was eventually closed in 1983 and never reopened. The site was sold for redevelopment as a hotel in 1991 and Glenlochy’s buildings have since been demolished although the original maltings and kilns have survived as residential accommodation.

The full Glenlochy story is told in the unusual book The Whisky GPS by Louis Reps, which is reviewed in Whisky Biblioteca. Not much of the whisky still around, although there were a couple of official bottlings in the Rare Malts series and some unofficial ones