Glengoyne 28 Years Old Spirit Safe Single Highland Malt

$1,350 AUD

50.4% 70 cl

Distilled in 1972 and bottled in 2000. This is one of only 1500 of these bottles released that year with the brass spirit safe presentation case with padlock and key.

All spirit stills have a brass-bound, glass walled container which allows the distiller to analyse the spirit coming off the stills. The safe is padlocked to prevent the distiller actually coming into contact with the spirit. Originally, only an Exciseman would keep the key, to prevent anyone taking spirit from the still without paying tax. Days gone by in these digital times!

This is a delightful replica of the original spirit safe protecting an equally delightful bottle of Glengoyne complete with functioning padlock and two keys.

This product is located in Australia.