Glen Flagler 5 Years Old Rare All-Malt Scotch

Glen Flagler 5 Years Old Rare All-Malt Scotch

$1,155 AUD

40% ABV
200 cl

Not many malts come in 2 litre bottles and so being from a very short-lived distillery just adds to the curiosity of this unusual expression. The assumption is that this was bottled towards the end of Glen Flagler’s productive life when the stocks would be quite plentiful, hence the large bottle size. But that was some 35 years ago!

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Glen Flagler/Garnheath Distillery

Classified as a Lowland distillery, Glen Flagler was a hybrid pot still operation within the old Moffat complex, which also produced Garnheath grain whisky. Glen Flagler was bottled by the distillery and by independent merchants. The Moffat distillery complex was set up in 1964 by Inver House Distillers, a subsidiary of Publicker Industries Inc., in the USA. Malt whisky distilling commenced in February, 1965 and continued until 1982.  There were 6 pot stills operating technically as two separate distilleries, one making Glen Flagler, and Glen Moffat, a heavier version of Glen Flagler and the other making Killyloch, and Islebrae.