Fannys Bay Sherry Barrel No 8 Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$450 AUD

60% ABV

500 ml

Bottled on 6 June 2017, only 30 bottles were produced at cask strength. Given the tiny yield from each barrel, the various expressions from Fannys Bay quickly leave the shelves. We captured a few, like this one, for posterity – and a languid enjoyment of something very particular.

Each bottle is numbered and signed by Mathew Cooper, the Distiller by the Coast, which adds to the uniqueness of the offer.

Distillery bottling Scored 90 points.  Nose Scored 22.5 far better structure than the 47% version, the fruit appearing to have substance – a concoction of under-ripe gooseberries and over-ripe greengages for a start – and a slight coconut oil to the sweetness; Taste 23 eye-watering delivery: tart yet satisfying with a few waves of intense malt filling the middle; the tannins have a brief optimum period of liquorice-led sharpness; Finish 22 a distinct sherry trifle finale, though a tad bitter late on; Overall balance and complexity 22.5 now that’s much more like it… 60% Single cask”.  Jim Murray’s “Whisky Bible”.

This product is located in Australia.


Fannys Bay Distillery

Mathew and Julie Cooper eschewed retirement in order to indulge in making a few small batches of single malt whisky in their repurposed garage, which is now a fully functioning whisky distillery. Every corner is occupied by the essential distillery equipment, including their mash-tun, stainless steel wash-backs and the petite copper pot still, which is at the heart of the endeavour. Julie can be found perfecting the design and prints of the labels while Mathew continues filling small oak casks.

Fannys Bay released their first cask strength, single cask whisky in July 2017 with the promise of more to follow. Given the incredibly small runs from the distillery, these expressions can only increase in value. The location of the distillery on the stunning, windswept Tam O’Shanter coast may give the whisky a certain maritime characteristic.