Dark Valley Judge’s Gavel Lark ex-Port Cask Strength - Historic

Dark Valley Judge’s Gavel Lark ex-Port Cask Strength - Historic

$540 AUD


500 ml

Bottled by Dark Valley Whisky Company in mid-2019 from a Lark Distillery ex-Port cask to produce only 39 individually numbered bottles at an ABV of 63.2%.

Awarded Silver Medal at Independent Bottlers Challenge 2019 in the 12 Years Old and Under category with Dark Valley winning the Non-Scotch Independent Bottler of the Year.

Judge’s Gavel – wood is essential to many industries.  From houses to boats to the selection of Dark Valley casks, the types and quality of wood is vital. Even the law puts wood to the fore with the bang of a judge’s gavel heralding either despair or elation for the accused in the dock. A whisky for which the wood will only bring joy and cause for celebration.

Indicative Tasting Notes:

Plums and cranberries with a lightly smoked oak tannin, as the palate turns into raspberry coulis at a luxury high tea that lasts and lasts. (Dark Valley Company)

This product is located in Australia  



Dark Valley Whisky Company was established in 2014 by Alex Moores based on the model of the independent bottlers of Scottish and other world whiskies.

His aim is to bottle all Tasmanian distilleries in a way that showcases the raw and elementary qualities of the different distilleries. He began with three releases featuring whisky distilled at Lark Distillery and the range has since been extended to include Adams, Killara, Launceston, Redlands and Spring Bay.

As at January 2022, Dark Valley has bottled 25 Tasmanian whiskies at cask strength, mostly small runs of about 30 bottles from 20 litre casks.  24 of the 25 expressions have already sold out on the Dark Valley website.

Dark Valley comes from the Gaelic name Glen Dhu, which is the area in Tasmania where Alex grew up and is now the headquarters of Dark Valley Whisky.