Daniel Crawford Finest Very Old Scotch Whisky Glass

Daniel Crawford Finest Very Old Scotch Whisky Glass

$350 AUD

Daniel Crawford memorabilia are few and far between. 

This is a very rare whisky drinking glass promoting Daniel Crawford Scotch Whisky. It is thistle-shaped, enameled in white on the two faces of the bowl with the wording Finest Very Old Scotch Whisky from Daniel Crawford, 81 Queen Street Glasgow. Some would say it is an ideal shape for tasting, the bowl to contain the fluid, the wide mouth to enable the bouquet to be nosed. The glass could date from circa 1900, if not earlier, and is a scarce item now.

Size: 12.5cm (5") high, 7.5cm diameter.

Condition: good vintage condition, a minor production flaw on the rim, and some spots of wear around the thistle bowl.

This product is located in Australia.


Daniel Crawford and Son Ltd

The firm came into existence in 1850 as whisky merchants in Glasgow. Eventually it became part of DCL in 1944 and moved to Leith in 1974. It had a number of export brands, the main one of which was Bene Vobis. Others were Old Matured and Red Star and, through a subsidiary (The Invercairn Blending Co), Glen Stewart. All are now relics of the past and the company itself quietly disappeared in the 1990’s. A curiosity arising from their DCL involvement was that the company became the licence holder for Parkmore distillery in Dufftown, which by then was used purely for storage having closed in 1931.

Daniel Crawford’s Old Matured was exported primarily to France, Greece, Corsica, Andorra, Bahrain, Dubai, Mauritius, Netherlands, Austria and in bulk to New Zealand. Meanwhile Daniel Crawford’s Red Star’s main market was Mauritius and Glen Stewart’s was Greece. Bene Vobis thrived in France and Mauritius.