Corra Linn First Release Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$475 AUD

54.5%  700ml

The Corra Linn First Release was specially crafted by distiller John Wielstra using Westminster barley and four yeast strains giving it a unique taste.  The fermenting process was over a period of five days.

These First Release 700ml bottles come from Barrel 3 at 54.5% in an attractive presentation box and each bottle has a security label confirming that it is First Release (see images).

Official Tasting Notes

In the glass, this whisky is a beautiful shade of gold amber. On the nose it has a rich deep aroma that brings memories of a luxurious port soaked fruity Christmas pudding.

The taste does not disappoint, with the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.  An initial oakey taste comes through merging with cardamom, cinnamon, garam marsala with a hint of curry and speculoos.

It has a great mouth feel leaving a satisfying well rounded and long-lasting flavour with ginger nut tones. 


This product is located in Australia.




Although established in 2015, Corra Linn only released its first expression in 2019. Set in semi-rural surroundings near Launceston, the distillery uses very sophisticated stills made in China and probably never before seen in Australia. The distillery produces a premium whisky spirit through a unique – at least for Tasmania - triple distillation process involving both a pot still and column stills. The Corra Linn casks are the work of the Tasmanian Cask Company and are French oak, ex: port, sherry and pinot noir barrels, mainly from South Australia by origin but refashioned and charred to meet Corra Linn’s specifications. The distiller believes the barley, which is grown in Northern Tasmania, is a factor that differentiates its whisky, as is the pure Tasmanian water.