Millburn 1974 22 Years Old Single Highland Malt by Silent Stills gift set with miniature

$1,650 AUD

58.7%  70 cl

This is bottle No 68 out of 220 of a lovely long departed Millburn (cask 4614) distilled within sight of Inverness on 12 November 1974 and bottled nearly 23 years later on 29 October 1997.  Unusually, it comes in a gift set complete with miniature and original wooden box, which, of course, all adds to its value. Another intriguing presentation by Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd.  of Edinburgh.


This product is located in the United Kingdom.



Millburn Distillery

This ghost, which was said to have had its own ghost actually haunting the distillery, ceased production in March 1985 never to recommence. It was sold in 1990 and the site now hosts “The Auld Distillery” restaurant.

The early history of Millburn is imprecise. One theory suggests that it started as a distillery in 1807 but the first recorded reference to Millburn was on 21 December 1825 when it was licensed to Ross & Macdonald. However, it appears that if there was in fact whisky distilling going on, it was not for prolonged periods and in 1853 David Rose, a local corn merchant, took a lease on this site and began to mill flour. He returned it to distilling in 1876. A. Haig & Company were the owners from 1892 until Booth’s Distillery Limited, of gin fame, acquired it in1921 and on their being taken over by DCL in 1937, Millburn found itself within the growing inventory of distilleries managed by the DCL subsidiary, Scottish Malt Distillers Limited.

The product was regarded as an excellent blending whisky and was a major component in the brands of Macleay Duff Ltd. who held the license for Millburn. One of these was The Mill Burn 12 Years Old Pure Malt, which was a vatted malt but there is no evidence of which malts other than Millburn went into the vatting. And, of course, Millburn was bottled from time to time as a single malt by Gordon and Macphail and others. It eventually got the recognition it deserved by appearing in several different expressions in Diageo’s Rare Malts series.