Lark Twentieth Anniversary Release Para Port Barrel #1 Small Cask Aged Tasmanian Malt Whisky

$1,950 AUD

50.5 %          500 ml

One of the most celebrated of the very limited Lark special releases, appropriately enough to mark 20 years of distilling history at the hands of Bill Lark and his family.

The entire presentation is eye watering for its simplicity and honesty as it notifies us that in 1992 whisky distilling returned to Tasmania, the implication being that this was entirely due to the initiative of Bill, or William Lark, as per his signature on the certificate, which accompanies each individually numbered bottle. In this case, it is number 273 out of a total of 500 bottles.

As the certificate states, one hundred and fifty of the distillery's single barrel releases from the past 20 years were married in " Seppeltsfield Para Port Barrel #1" referred to as National Treasure, which had been laid down in 1878 by Joseph Seppelt.

Only 500 bottles were in existence, signed and numbered by the 'Godfather' of Tasmanian whisky, Bill Lark. Packaged in a commemorative wooden box, when released in 2012, these are rarely seen on the market.


This product is located in Australia.


Lark Distillery

Mention Tasmanian whisky and the name Lark immediately comes to mind. After all, the Lark family have been at it since 1992 and although ownership has changed and Bill Lark’s involvement is more ambassadorial than hands on, the brand still carries tremendous weight in the world’s whisky halls. The fact is that many more people have heard of Lark than have sampled the whisky and as evidence of that there were for a spell no new expressions of Lark available.  And so, whilst that was a tribute to Bill Lark and the team, it was also frustrating for the many Lark enthusiasts and the inevitable deprivation visited upon them by this distillery with no (mature) whisky!

Under new ownership that frustration is being addressed by the Lark product taking on a rather different character which is leading to higher volume, wider distribution and presumably lower prices.

We wish the new-look Lark well, but as true friends of the original Lark and its followers, we herewith provide a unique selection of dearly departed Lark expressions whose scarcity is on an ever-upwards trajectory. We also offer carefully selected independent bottlings of early Lark, most notably under the Heartwood label.