The World of Whisky: Taste, Try and Enjoy Whiskies from Around the World

The World of Whisky: Taste, Try and Enjoy Whiskies from Around the World

$55 AUD

Neil Ridley, Gavin D. Smith, David Wishart

Pavilion Books



When three noted whisky authors, as these gentlemen certainly are, combine to impart their collective knowledge and experiences of this wonderful drink, we must surely sit up and take notice.

This is a hugely attractive book, in terms of its layout, illustrations and no-nonsense approach to all aspects of whisky, including some notably taboo subjects. The tone is set quite early on in the single page entitled “the most common myths about whisky” and although some of these are quite obvious, others are rather startling. The authors also deal, quite robustly, with the growing passion for collecting and investing in bottled whisky. It is, however, the directory of whiskies – and not just those of the traditional producing countries, but also from around the world - which makes it such a worthwhile contribution to the literature of whisky. These people know about taste and bouquet and share their interpretation of each of the 150 odd whiskies featured in a way that is descriptive, free of hyperbole and easy to absorb, to the extent that you are tempted to go out and find the bottle in question.

We would have liked to have seen more Australian whiskies featured, but that will no doubt come in subsequent editions of this comprehensive work. The problem for Ridley & co in any new edition will be the speed at which new distilleries are sprouting up and not just in Australia!

This book is located in Australia.