Clynelish 24 Years Old 1972 Rare Malts 61.3%

Clynelish 24 Years Old 1972 Rare Malts 61.3%

$4,940 AUD

61.3% ABV


This Limited Edition 24 year old single malt was distilled in 1972 then bottled at natural cask strength in September 1997. We have here the elusive bottle no 1234, which simply adds value to what is an already prized item. The fill is into the neck of the bottle which comes complete with the original box.

Tasting Notes

Colour: light gold.

Nose: wow, again, it’s like when you open a beehive (I know, maybe you never did that but that’s how it smells – agreed, tasting the Clynelish is safer). Lots of wax and rather light honey. Just superb again.

Mouth: extremely waxy again, with lots of honeyed notes and flower jams. So drinkable despite the high alcohol level. Not complicated at all but amazingly enjoyable. Yummy! 91 points. (Whisky Fun).

 This product is located in Australia.


Clynelish Distillery

Many distilleries have undergone name changes during the course of their history which can lead to confusion and that is all the more so when you get two distilleries swapping names, as is the case with Clynelish and Brora. To get the early history of Clynelish please look at the entry for Brora under Ghost Distilleries.

The distillery in its current form dates from the 1960s. Part of the fields of Clynelish Farm, adjacent to the old distillery of that name but which reverted to Brora, were pressed into service to provide space for the new distillery for which a totally new water supply had to be found. This was essentially the old water supply for the town of Brora, for which a new source had been identified. As I said at the time of my visit in 1985, “Clynelish and Brora, standing together, reflect in a unique way the old and the new in this evergreen industry”.

As if in the wake of the Brora phenomenon, early bottles of Clynelish  are also becoming collectors’ items and may soon have investment status.