Ben Wyvis 27 Years Old The Final Resurrection

Ben Wyvis 27 Years Old The Final Resurrection

$3,410 AUD

43%, 70cl

This is one of the final bottlings that Invergordon released from this incredibly rare distillery.  Drawn from the final three casks #744, 1058 and 1059 of Ben Wyvis within Invergordon's stock. Distilled in 1972 prior to the distillery ceasing production in 1976. Bottled in 1999. Only 471 bottles. This one comes with presentation box. Excellent fill half way up the neck.

So rare is this whisky that it has proved impossible to find any tasting notes and so the assumption is that none of the 471 bottles has been opened! We have three of them. If anyone has tried it, please let us know and, if possible, provide your impressions of taste, nose etc.

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Ben Wyvis Distillery

One of a very small number of malt distilleries constructed within a much larger grain distillery (in this case Invergordon), most of which had relatively short lives. Invergordon started production in 1961 and Ben Wyvis (which takes its name from a local peak and an earlier distillery) commenced distilling a single non-peated Highland malt in 1965 and ran for about 11 years only. Most of the production went for blending, including in Invergordon’s many brands and those of its subsidiaries. Very little was bottled as a single malt and so its scarcity is legend. However, the Ben Wyvis we are discussing here should not be confused with the first distillery ever to use that name which operated between 1879 and 1926 in Dingwall and had no connection with the Invergordon/Ben Wyvis set-up which came much later.