Adams First Release Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Historic

$650 AUD

52.5%        700 ml

Bottled in late 2018 from a blend of three ex-Sherry casks (numbers 005, 012 and 013) to produce 324 bottles at an ABV of 52.5%.

Released on 15 December 2018 and now only available on the secondary market or in the Premium Gift Box at $1,200 on the Adams Distillery website.

This is bottle number 18 of 324.

Peat finish.


This product is located in Australia  



 Adams Distillery is a farm distillery located just outside of Perth, the “gateway” to Launceston when heading north from Hobart. Tucked away on the dirt roads of Glen Ireh Estate Farm, you will typically find the large distillery doors opened wide to allow the Tasmanian sun to shine in on their two copper pot stills.

Adams was started by two friends native to Launceston named Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders. The official start date for whisky production was October 2016 and they are utilizing alternative grains and malts to achieve distinctive flavour profiles. These grains include roasted and pilsner malt along with German barley that has been smoked with beech wood. This entrepreneurial spirit has also led them to experiment with not only grains, but cask types and sizes.

Rapid expansion has taken place under their joint management with plenty of room for experimentation which makes Adams Distillery a place to watch

Adams brought their First Release to the market in December 2018.