Corra Linn Private Barrel CLD 25 Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky Special Bottling #11 by MyWhiskyJourneys

$395 AUD

56.6 % ABV

700 ml

This was the first ever – and indeed so far the only – private barrel filled at Corra Linn distillery. The spirit was filled on 20 August 2016 and the mature whisky was bottled three years later on 30 September 2019 after a sherry cask finish.

The 55L cask yielded a modest 54 700ml bottles which are available exclusively on the MWJ website. The people at Cratur, who owned the barrel and subsequently these scarce bottles, have generously agreed to make some of them available to MWJ followers.


This product is located in Australia.




Although established in 2015, Corra Linn only released its first expression in 2019. Set in semi-rural surroundings near Launceston, the distillery uses very sophisticated stills made in China and probably never before seen in Australia. The distillery produces a premium whisky spirit through a unique – at least for Tasmania - triple distillation process involving both a pot still and column stills. The Corra Linn casks are the work of the Tasmanian Cask Company and are French oak, ex: port, sherry and pinot noir barrels, mainly from South Australia by origin but refashioned and charred to meet Corra Linn’s specifications. The distiller believes the barley, which is grown in Northern Tasmania, is a factor that differentiates its whisky, as is the pure Tasmanian water.