Hellyers Road Master Series Cask No 4085.04 Slightly Peated 14 Years Old Cask Strength Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky Special Bottling #2 by MyWhiskyJourneys - Current

$315 AUD

69.4% ABV

700 ml

Hellyers Road master distiller, Mark Littler, has created the Master Series of handpicked, well-aged single malt whiskies, which represent the very best from the distillery’s Bond Store.

Each one has its individuality substantiated by the unique batch number it carries. In further recognition of their authenticity and exclusivity, every bottle has been numbered and personally signed by the master distiller. On occasions, Master Series casks will be selected for the exclusive use of a particular associate of the distillery. To date, this privilege has been extended to two overseas clients of the distillery but has now been extended for the first time to an Australian based organisation in the form of MyWhiskyJourneys.

We were delighted to have been so chosen and we marked the occasion by making this unique expression a celebration of the 2018 Tasmanian Whisky Week. This special status is recorded on the seriously handsome packaging to the effect that the whisky comes from an “exclusive 200 L cask release to mark Tasmanian Whisky Week 2018 selected and distributed exclusively by MyWhiskyJourneys”. In other words, the only place that this wonderful cask strength expression can be purchased is through MyWhiskyJourneys.

That is the good news. The bad news is that there were only 190 bottles from the cask and that number is steadily diminishing. The cask number is 4085.04. Distillation was in 2004 and the whisky has just been bottled giving it a cool 14 years in wood, which is quite unusual for Tasmanian single malts. The ABV is a huge 69.4%, which simply adds to the exceptional nature of this whisky and it comes in a generous bottle size of 700 ml. Each bottle and its packaging are individually numbered and the latter bears a certificate of authenticity. Both carry the Master Distiller’s signature.

The Master Series is very much a reflection of Mark Littler’s judgement and discernment as he selects the few qualifying casks from amongst his impressive inventory of ageing stock. In his own words, this is how he perceives this very special selection:

            “The traditional flavour profile of Hellyers Road’s Original single malt remains evident in this whisky but it is a deft inclusion of peated spirit that sets it apart. 14 years in American Oak has further accentuated the presentation of what is a very unique and delightful single malt whisky”.

The Cratur Whisky Investment Trust tasting panel thoroughly endorsed the selection of this particular cask on the condition that they had first call on the out-turn, hence the diminishing number of bottles available on line!

This is the second in MWJ’s series of Special Bottlings of Tasmanian whiskies. Others can be found elsewhere on the website.

Official Tasting Notes

An ever so subtle plume of charred oak ember releases on the nose before abating to layered citrus tones of orange and lemon with rich, hot spices pervading. Pepper lingers, slowly dissipating to a gentle smoky haze in the finish.

This product is located in Australia. 


Hellyers Road

What distinguishes Hellyers Road from its competitors elsewhere on the island is the fact that it operates on a fully commercial basis as part of a larger business. It is by far the biggest distillery in Tasmania and the largest whisky distillery in the country with capacity to produce up to 100,000 L of spirit annually. How it got there from its somewhat pedestrian beginnings and with a name, which has nothing obviously to do with whisky, makes a fascinating story.

The buildings are modern and substantial but well positioned at a discrete distance from the neighbouring milk factory. Set against the backdrop of high mountains and bucolic green pastures a visit is rewarding for both the whisky enthusiast and the general traveler. If the latter is also a train-spotter there is the added advantage of the Burnie to Devenport line, which passes nearby within sight of the distillery café, with a regular flow of freight traffic.

Although HRD whiskies are sometimes regarded as entry level options for those wanting to get to know the Tasmanian product without too much financial strain, there are now some earlier HRD expressions which have crept into the realm of the rare and significant.