Belgrove Sherry Cask 100% Rye Whisky 2015 - Historic

$475 AUD

61.3% ABV


Bottled on 2 September 2015.  As stated on the label, which is signed by the distiller, Peter Bignell, the rye is grown, malted, fermented, distilled, barrelled and bottled at the distillery. This was a very limited cask strength single cask expression reflecting the distiller’s love of experimentation, invariably with very pleasing results.

Whilst in outward appearance it is no different from the regular 100% rye whiskies from Belgrove, the tell tale handwritten sticker on the back of the bottle is the give-away that this is from a sherry cask of Peter’s choosing.

This product is located in Australia.


Belgrove Distillery

Belgrove is at the micro end of the spectrum of Tasmanian distilleries and is one of a range of small but intriguing producers. The most hands-on of these is Peter Bignell’s paddock to bottle rye whisky operation. Both barley and rye are grown on site, harvested, malted, distilled, and the resulting spirit aged in wood and bottled at the distillery by hand. The farm and distillery equipment are bio-fuelled using waste cooking oil from a nearby fish and chip shop! Water used for production is rainfall captured on the roofs of the farm and distillery buildings. And the residual pulp from the distilling process is fed to Peter's livestock as an alternative to their normal feed. They, in turn, provide fertilizer for the next crop of rye - a truly environment friendly operation!

There is invariably something new and exciting coming out of Belgrove and we shall try and have them on the website as they become available.