Glen Mhor 1982 27 Years Old Cask No 1233 by Carn Mor

Glen Mhor 1982 27 Years Old Cask No 1233 by Carn Mor

$715 AUD

52% 70 cl

Another offering from the splendid Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask series of Morrison and Mackay, this came very late in the life of Glen Mhor being distilled on 18 August, 1982, with the distillery closing for good the following year.  The whisky was filled in a hogshead and bottled on 22 February 2010 producing 270 bottles. This is bottle no 58.

This product is located in Australia.


Glen Mhor Distillery

From its inception in 1892, this distillery’s history was intertwined with that of its neighbour, Glen Albyn, until the two of them were unceremoniously shut down together in 1983 by United Distillers, which had acquired the pair in 1972, when DCL bought out the then owners, Mackinlays & Birnie. When I visited them in 1985 their demolition was well underway, although their licenses to distill were still extant.

Unusually, Glen Mhor was being bottled as a single malt from its very early days. It also featured as one of the whiskies in the bottles of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt found in 2007 intact in the ice under Sir Ernest Shackleton’s hut! This whisky has been successfully replicated and put on sale by the current owners of Mackinlays, Whyte & Mackay Ltd.  as limited edition releases called The Discovery and The Journey, both of which contain Glen Mhor