Convalmore 1975 (bottled 2015) Rare Old by Gordon & MacPhail

Convalmore 1975 (bottled 2015) Rare Old by Gordon & MacPhail

$1,675 AUD


46% 70 cl

A 2015 limited edition bottling, released by Gordon & MacPhail for their excellent 'Rare Old' series. This 1975 vintage is one of only 299 bottles. The fill is beautifully into the neck and it all comes in a splendid presentation box.

Tasting Notes

Nose: plenty of beehive and waxy notes, always great in old Speyside whisky. Wax candles, graphite, polished floors. Honeyed notes and pollen. Oranges, mirabelles and ripe bananas. Soft hints of leaves and library dust.

Mouth: oily texture, great fruitiness to start with (apples, mirabelles, white currant and juicy pear). Hints of sunflower oil. Soft resinous notes and citrus peel towards the end. Quite a personality, even though it isn’t very powerful.

Finish: fairly long, still on waxy citrus, some hoppy notes and gentle oak spices.

Elegant, with lots of complexities. Surprisingly fresh fruity aromas as well as funny, hoppy notes from the oak. (WhiskyNotes).


This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Convalemore Distillery

This distillery closed in March, 1985 just a short time before my visit and so was still in reasonably good condition. Production dated from February 1894 and for the first 70 years of its existence it was a modest two still operation. However, considerable expansion took place in 1964/65 with the doubling of the number of stills and further improvements were made ten years later. Yet this was not enough to save Convalmore from the mayhem of the 1980’s, having been absorbed into DCL in 1925.

Being adjacent to the Glenfiddich and Balvenie distilleries, the site was sold to William Grant and Sons but there were never any plans for Convalmore to go back into production. Very little of the spirit survives today, yet many regard it as very fine whisky which went almost exclusively into blends.