Sword’s Gauntlet Blended Scotch Whisky 1970's

Sword’s Gauntlet Blended Scotch Whisky 1970's

$450 AUD

26 2/3 fl oz    70° proof

Here is an example in excellent condition of this once proud export brand and, as the label shows, dates from the days of Imperial measures – fluid ounces and 70 degrees proof. There is a silhouette image of the founder from 1813 on the label and the bold statement “established when George III was King”. It also boasts a gold medal at the International Food Exhibition London but no hint as to when that was. The fill is well into the neck.

We estimate that this bottle is from the 1970's.

This product is located in Australia.



This was one of the principal brands of the old established blending house of James Sword and Son Limited of Glasgow. The company was formed in 1810 and remained independent until it became part of the expansion plans of the well-known whisky brokers and distillers, Stanley P Morrison Limited, owners of Bowmore Distillery, in 1983. A well-known Scottish whisky-trade personality, William Walker, Stanley P Morrison's father-in-law, directed the fortunes of the company during the war years until 1950.

Primarily an exporting company Sword’s Gauntlet and the company’s other brands were marketed mainly in the United States. The company has been dormant for some years no doubt as part of the rationalisation process when Suntory, a major shareholder in Morrison’s since 1989, eventually took over the entire operation in 1994.