Carsebridge 1982 33 Years Old Single Grain Whisky Cask No 74679 by The Grainman

$475 AUD

48.9% 70 cl

A late distilled ex- Bourbon cask of Carsebridge whisky from this former Colossus of the industry just before the distillery closed for ever. It produced only 262 bottles. Distilled in December 1982 and bottled in March 2016.

The fill is into the neck and it comes complete with original box although the lid bears a slight dent. Bottled by Meadowside Blending in The Grainman series.

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Carsebridge Distillery

Once the biggest distillery of any kind in Scotland, it had already closed – never to re-open – when I visited it in 1986. It had been part of the 1983 cull, and was already showing signs of neglect. Carsebridge had had a proud history going back to 1799, when it had started life as a Lowland malt distillery, switching to patent stills for grain whisky production around 1860.

The original owners, John Bald and Company, were active in promoting the interests of the Lowland distillers and eventually became major players in the formation in 1877 of The Distillers Company Limited (now Diageo). Carsebridge went on to become a major component in the DCL empire, all of the production going to blending once the sale of single grain whisky had become a lost cause.

Such was the scale of operation that no doubt Carsebridge grain whisky still goes into some of the current Diageo blends. That so little of it has found its way to the private bottlers, is an added frustration.