Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon

Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon

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F. Paul Pacult



F. Paul Pacult is a renowned spirits expert and author who has written extensively on the topic of whisky, including bourbon. Buffalo, Barrels & Bourbon is a book that focuses not only on the history of, and production at Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of the most famous and respected bourbon distilleries in the United States, but also on the wider history of whiskey distilling in Kentucky. This is a journey through history that covers the American Revolutionary War, U. S. Civil War, two World Wars, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. This is backed up with a detailed and well-researched timeline.

There are insights into the craftsmanship associated with Buffalo Trace bourbon, including details about the production process, aging techniques, and a summary of the quality levels of the sometimes-bewildering range of spirits emanating from the Buffalo Trace Distillery of various expressions ranging from “recommended – good quality”, through “highly recommended – very good quality” to “highest recommendation – benchmark quality”. It is a brave undertaking by an outsider but perhaps not by someone of this author’s reputation, whose books are known for their in-depth analysis and insights into the world of whisky.

The author warmly embraces the larger-than-life personalities that over a century and a half made Buffalo Trace Distillery what it is today. He also gives detailed accounts of how many of the distillery's award-winning and world-famous brands were created and he effortlessly weaves the Buffalo Trace story through the impact of world events, including multiple depressions, weather-related occurrences, and major conflicts.

For anyone with an interest in American spirits and history, Buffalo, Barrels, & Bourbon is a compelling must-read.


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