Sullivans Cove Premium Whisky - Historic

$725 AUD

37% ABV 700 ml

Here we have a very interesting piece of Tasmanian whisky history in the form of a bottle of Sullivans Cove Blended Premium Whisky “continuing the tradition from 1822”, as stated on both the front and back labels. The latter goes on to proclaim “Superior whisky made from the finest quality barley and the purest water in the world, to produce smooth, fine, old-fashioned Sullivans Cove whisky”. Quite a statement when one considers that the bottle actually holds a blended Scotch whose origins are believed to be Invergordon Distillers Ltd., a perfectly respectable company then very active in the export of bulk blended whisky for bottling locally.

The front label also notes that the whisky “commemorates the opening of the Tasmania Distillery, December, 1994”. However it also explains - in very small letters - that the 700ml contents are “the product of Scotland” and that the ABV is 37%.  But, as we say, it is a piece of whisky history and it found its way to the UK where, legally, it would not now meet the criteria to be called whisky because of its low alcoholic strength. One for the archive rather than the bar!

This product is located in the United Kingdom.


Sullivans Cove

Australia’s most awarded distillery and one of the country’s modern whisky distilling pioneers, Sullivans Cove has achieved great success in recent years, including international recognition when their French Oak Single Cask was crowned World’s Best Single Malt in 2014 by the World Whiskies Awards. This, alongside exemplary ratings from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, propelled Sullivans Cove into the spotlight, but with limited stock and a long maturation period, their whiskies are highly sought after and very hard to find.