Hillwood ex-Pinot Noir 25L Cask

Hillwood ex-Pinot Noir 25L Cask

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Whilst we await the first releases from Hillwood (due in the second half of 2020), we are able, in anticipation of that, to offer in its entirety a very special ex- Pinot Noir 25L cask of maturing Hillwood spirit.

This cask is from the estate of the celebrated Tasmanian wine maker, Josef Chromey. It was filled on 16 July 2018 and the cask end bears the cask number (11) and the current (Hillwood) and originally intended (Tamar Valley) distillery names.


This product is located in Australia

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One of a growing number of distilleries in the north of the island, Hillwood takes its name from a local lightly populated residential area just off the East Tamar Highway, some 20 minutes’ drive from Launceston. It is a truly family endeavour and possibly a unique one in that the distillery was designed, built, and is now owned and operated by triplet brothers with their father, Paul Herron, pressed into service on retirement as their volunteer distiller, and their uncle, Paul’s brother, being the visiting cooper. The three adult sons play different key roles at the distillery whilst having other work commitments elsewhere. The original plan had been to name the establishment “Tamar Valley Distillery” but this ran into nomenclature issues in that that name refers to an extensive geographic area well beyond the distillery’s shadow. Not yet on the Whisky Trail, but occasional visitors are received through prior appointment.