Cradle Mountain 17 Years Old Pure Tasmanian Malt Whisky - Historic

Cradle Mountain 17 Years Old Pure Tasmanian Malt Whisky - Historic

$1,250 AUD

43% ABV
700 ml

This was the very last cask filled by The Small Concern whilst it still had ownership of the Cradle Mountain brand and was, at the time of bottling, the oldest Tasmanian whisky ever to enter the market. It is a serious piece of Tasmanian whisky history and is now extremely rare.

The new owners of the brand have restyled it Tasmanian Australian Heritage Collection and reiterate that it is said to be Tasmania’s oldest commercially produced single malt. This was aged in barrel 7321 in November 1997 for 17 years and bottled at 43 per cent strength.

Tasting notes
Bright gold. Opening scents of cup cake and shortbread build after several minutes aeration. The second pass emphasises rock lolly (think Castlemaine Rock) with peppermint freshness and barley sugar combined. Final inspection finds hazelnut milk chocolate, salted caramel plus hints of dates added to the aromatic merry-go-round. An engaging, dessert styled sniff. Generous, creamy, rock lolly and barley sugar delivery shows fabulous purity; mid palate accents fruit mince pie and showcases the sweet-yet-fresh malt; excellent persistence and balance; Finish is borderline rum-like as creamy vanilla, cup cake and hay feature in the aftertaste with cocoa, fruit mince pie and a lingering viscous sweetness that you'll be licking off your teeth minutes after the first sip. (Nicks Wine Merchants)

It is a pale straw colour with fresh leather, waxed fruit, perhaps lemon-grass, and hay in the aroma. Very soft body with a smooth palate which is clean-tasting (no doubt deriving in part from the local water).  Fruit-skins, citrus and lemon-grass in the palate.  Fruity acidity in the finish, then a surge of mustard and pepper.

(The late Michael Jackson).

This product is located in Australia.


Cradle Mountain Whisky

 Cradle Mountain Whisky has a long and colourful past of over 28 years, with many name changes, changes in shareholdings and locations. The constant element however, is the Cradle Mountain Whisky brand, which became popular for a time under the distillery name The Small Concern Whisky Distillery Pty. Ltd. It claims to be the first commercial whisky distillery in Australia of the new era, dating its foundation at Ulverstone in the Northwest of Tasmania, back to 1989. It was then known as the Darwin Distillery, a creation of Brian Poke, the well-known distilling consultant. The name was changed, briefly, to Franklin Distillery after the local barley strain of that name, before becoming The Small Concern, backed by a few local investors. The company again changed ownership and name when the Lahra family purchased the company “lock stock, websites and barrel”. After a chance tasting of the 17 year old Single Malt whisky while travelling overseas, Joe declared, “The whisky was so good we immediately had to buy the company”.

 So good was the early product that in true coals to Newcastle fashion, one of the team had the temerity to turn up with samples of the spirit at the long-established Scottish whisky house of Wm. Cadenhead (owned by Springbank Distillery), who quickly pronounced it fit to carry their very distinguished label.  Frankly, this was a remarkable achievement.

 We have here two of the oldest locally bottled Tasmanian whiskies, whose scarcity will be enhanced just as soon as the Cradle Mountain brand is relaunched, albeit at a different location and using new equipment, but no doubt continuing the tradition of its original founders.