Cradle Glass

Cradle Glass

$49 AUD

The imbibing of a good whisky is for most just sheer enjoyment but for an increasing number of devotees it has become almost an art form. And the not so obvious question arises as to whether one should have one’s own tasting glass or simply rely on whatever is offered at the point of consumption, whether it be a bar, club or distillery tasting room. Experience tells us that having your own tasting glass presents very clear advantages. 

The question then arises as to which glass is best in terms of delivering the most satisfying result. The range of glassware is bewildering and much has been written about the various options, but one important element, which they invariably overlook, is the portability of the glass so that you can take it with you safely on your travels.

After some – enjoyable – research we concluded that the Cradle Glass satisfied our criteria in terms of dealing to best advantage with the five core elements when socialising with a particular whisky, as well as winning hands down on portability as it comes with a handsome durable carrying case. Added advantages were that a) some serious research and trialling had gone into creating its unique design, and b) its Tasmanian heritage is beyond question, being the brainchild of the resurrected Cradle Mountain Whisky Company.

Accordingly, MyWhiskyJourneys has entered into an arrangement with the latter to promote the glass on the MyWhiskyJourneys’ website in both its generic form and in a series of Tasmanian distillery logo versions. The latter can be found under the individual Tasmanian distillery pages or at Whisky Memorabilia. There is more about the glass itself at the Cradle Mountain Whisky Company’s website

Ideal for enjoying the Tasmanian product but it is equally impressive with any fine whiskies.